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Noble RV Storage Tips:

Completely clean the inside and outside of your RV.

Prep the engine for a long rest, if it will not be started during storage. Remove and clean the battery, change the oil, and add a fuel additive to help keep things healthy during the down period.

Find a good location for your RV. Indoor temperature controlled storage is perfect, but not everyone can find or afford it. Look for an option you are comfortable with. Covered, pavement is a great choice, but if storing in the great outdoors is the only option, be sure not to park under trees or anything that could fall on your RV.

Consider the tires. If storing outdoors, protect your tires completely by removing. If this is not an option, try to roll them periodically during the storage time to keep flat spots from developing. Also, do not leave them in direct contact with the ground, wood is a better choice, and use a tire cover to protect the rubber from the sun.

Winterize your water system. Remember, this includes all parts of your RV that water runs through. All lines in and out of the RV, faucets, and appliances. Also be sure to use non-toxic RV Antifreeze, not Automobile Antifreeze, which is toxic. Be thorough, as a little ice can cause a big problem!

Check the exterior of your RV for holes or gaps. This is important to help you keep the winter critters out! Any hole your finger can fit into is an open door for mice and squirrels. Fill these holes with things like steel or aluminum wool, or an expanding insulation, depending on the location of the hole.

Discourage bugs and pests with fabric softener sheets, or place self-contained bug killers within the RV. Another great idea is to put mouse traps around the tires or on the roof to deter small animals from climbing up and into the RV.

Triple check that the propane and all its appliances are off. Some bugs are attracted to the smell, as well, so be sure the lines are properly sealed off, and aren't leaking so you don't invite unwanted visitors into your RV.

Prop cabinets and drawers open to keep the airflow and discourage mold or warping.

Condensation is a concern as the temperatures change as well. If close to a power source, a dehumidifier can be used, or moisture absorbing crystals in various places throughout the interior can help.

Put baking soda in Refrigerator and Freezer, and prop these open as well.

Close windows and lower shades to protect the interior fabrics from the sun.

If covering the RV, be sure to use a breathable cover, not a tarp, to eliminate any mildew growth.

Take pictures before leaving to have a record of how it looked before you left it.

Remove all valuables and anything that could be affected by the changing temperatures. This includes TVs, stereo equipment, and more. Check the manufacturer information to see what temperatures your gadgets can handle. Removal also discourages robbery.

Lubricate all the moving parts around the RV. Slides, door hinges, prep the tow hitch for the season as well.

Remove all batteries and store in a climate controlled location.

Make any needed repairs before storage. This will keep them from worsening over the storage period.

Remove all perishables and anything that could be used for nesting, like paper towels, toilet paper, or rags. Also remove any toiletries, like toothpaste, deodorant, etc., as these may not endure the temperature changes very well and can also attract pests.

Many of these tips can apply for boats as well as other recreational vehicles.
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